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Sands of Judgement is a game set in the city of Chicago in the New World of Darkness. The year is 2012 (timeline is currently unclear). The Cult of Astennu had long held great power, not a single mummy, but many. They would awake in shifts allowing for the cult to continually benefit from their guidance. However over time, some of these mummies were destroyed or lost, and now only 4 remain, the Royal Triplets, and their Bastard-Blood Brother.

The cult once held great power in the mortal world with banking institutions and legal firms. In recent nights, those of other less savory breeds have wrested control from the cult. Vampires now rule nearly all major cities, werewolves go on raids against other awakened beings, mages rob tombs and plunder reliquaries from various holdings, constructs walk of their own volition and even remnants of the fae have begun to herd the cattle of the mortal world.

A sothic turn was supposed to come and the Cult was sure this would help right the world. Unfortunately the time of the alignment came, only nothing happened. Now the Cult of Astennu has taken matters into their own hands. They will wake all of their mummies at once, and let loose the Judgement of the Duat.


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