In the cold streets of Chicago, an ancient power dwells. The city above has forgotten it’s presence and the denizens of the night have begun wresting its power for corrupt purposes. Werewolves lead raids into the city, Faeries set themselves up as mock-fiefs, cabals of wizards battle for survival and Vampires preside over the city. Now the Cult of Astennu has awoken their masters to set right what has been wronged.

Sands of Judgement will be utilizing a slightly modified rule set of Mummy: the Curse from the New World of Darkness line. There is a player only version here.

Sands of Judgement takes place in the winter of 2013, in Chicago. Kyle has never been to Chicago and will be pulling on a number of resources to create a stylized version of the city.

Sands of Judgement

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